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Completely free energy efficiency services!

  • Get practical tips on how to reduce your energy consumption;
  • Benefit from effective improvement work to increase your comfort;
  • And even have the opportunity to install new electronic thermostats for free!

The Éconologis program allows low-income households to obtain a summary evaluation of the energy efficiency of their home. During the assessment visit, an energy efficiency advisor will be able to suggest personalized advice based on energy consumption habits and to carry out energy efficiency improvements.

Under certain conditions, participants will also have the opportunity to have new electronic thermostats installed free of charge. To learn about the program’s eligibility criteria, click here

Discover our energy efficient kit

The energy efficiency kit is an initiative of EXPERTBUILDING and is given free of charge to all participants in the Éconologis program. It includes the following energy-efficient products:

  • Night light;
  • Thermometer-hygrometer;
  • Shower hourglass;
  • Refrigerator thermometer;
  • Indoor timer.

To register by phone : 1 844 303-7333

Start being energy efficient now, every step counts!


Frequently asked questions

To be eligible for the Econologis program, you must meet the following criteria :
• You rent or own your home.
• You use one of the forms of energy eligible for the program as your primary form of heating (electricity, oil, natural gas, propane or wood).
• You must declare a gross income (before taxes) in Quebec and the total income of all occupants of your home must be below the eligible income threshold.
Number of occupants *Total income
1 person26 620 $
2 persons33 141 $
3 persons40 743 $
4 persons49 467 $
5 persons56 105 $
6 persons63 276 $
7 personnes et +70 449 $
*Number of occupants: includes all persons (adults and children) who live together or occupy the same dwelling.

• You cannot register for the Econologis program if you have already benefited from this program within the last five years.
• However, if you have moved, you may be eligible for the Econologis program for your new home if you have not taken advantage of this program in the last three years.
In order to facilitate your enrolment in the Econologis program, please have one of the following proofs of income available: your federal or provincial notice of assessment, your housing allowance form or your social assistance claim booklet. We will need to validate your eligibility for the program before we can offer you an appointment.
For Component 2 of the Econologis program, i.e. the free installation of electronic thermostats, you must also meet the following criteria :

• Have been visited by the advisor as part of Component 1;
• Use an eligible energy source for primary heating (electricity, oil or propane).
• Receive a bill for primary heat (not included in the cost of rent) which must reflect a minimum of thirty (30) days consumption. The main heating bill must come from an energy distributor and be in the name of one of the occupants of the unit. In addition, the contact information on the bill must match the dwelling;
• Have the invoice in your possession when the consultant visits.
• For tenants, have a copy of the written authorization from the landlord on the form provided for this purpose (given during the visit of part 1)
• You can register for the Econologis program if you have not benefited from this program in the last five years.

• THowever, if you have moved, you may be eligible for the Econologis program for your new home if you have not taken advantage of this program in the last three years.
Econologis has already helped more than 130,000 Quebec households since 1999.

Maybe it's your turn to take advantage of this very advantageous and completely free program!