Weeping Cerulean

The weeping merula or more commonly called the building cancer is a fungus that is found more and more often in Quebec. It is mostly found in dark, poorly ventilated and humid places such as crawl spaces.

When mature, weeping merula looks like a thick, orange-brown crust. However, when the fungus is immature, it appears as a more or less thick whitish filamentous layer.

From its Latin name,Serpula lacrymans, the merula is known as a fungus that can rapidly decompose the wood of building frames. It can spread anywhere in a home, and it is not uncommon to see the invasive fungus on brick, plastic membranes or concrete.

Financial assistance for residential buildings affected by weeping mould

In 2018, the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ) set up a pilot project with the objective of reducing the financial burden for owners of a residence contaminated by weeping merula. The Residential Intervention Program – weeping mould – could allow you to receive financial assistance for decontamination, rehabilitation or reconstruction work.

According to the requirements of the financial assistance program, several steps must be taken by experts in environmental analysis. EXPERTBÂTIMENT can guide you through the necessary steps of this application for financial assistance so that you can file an application as soon as possible.In addition, for eligible files, the SHQ reimburses the costs of expert reports and professional fees.

BUILDINGEXPERT can help you in several steps surrounding the assumption and/or presence of weeping merula by making the process as simple as possible.

  • Inspect the building to determine the presence of weeping merula;
  • Proceed with the collection of samples to be given to CEAEQ in order to produce a certificate of analysis ;
  • Produce a weeping merula contamination assessment report ;
  • Produce a technical estimate to define the work to be done to treat your weeping merula problem;
  • Inform you about the different possible treatments against weeping merula;
  • Inform you about the effects of weeping merula on your health;
  • Determine your eligibility for the financial assistance program to help you if your home is contaminated by weeping merula ;
  • Guide you through all the steps of the application process ;


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