About the Canadian grant : Greener Homes Initiative  

The scientific consensus is clear on the origin of climate change, whose effects on human life are already visible. In response to this challenge, the Canadian government has developed the Canadian Green Home Grant program, pledging an investment of nearly $2.6 billion over the next seven years.

The Canadian grant is designed to encourage households to undertake energy-efficient renovations and home upgrades such as :

      • Replace an oil furnace with a high-efficiency one or a heat pump;

      • Replace air-permeable doors and windows;

      • Improve wall, basement or roof insulation;

      • Install a high efficiency water heater;

      • Install solar panels.

    In concrete terms, it allows you to access : 

        • Financial assistance of up to $5,000 for ecological renovations; 

        • And expert advice on planning renovations.

      The advantages


      Making life more affordable for Canadians by improving quality.


      Contribute to the collective fight against global warming.


      Reduction of the energy bill and creation of new jobs.

      The Canadian grant can be awarded to any homeowner or co-owner of a home located in Canada; only one homeowner per home can apply.

      To learn more about the eligibility requirements you can consult the program link Canadian Green House Energy Efficiency Grant (Greener home).

      To register :

      Online :

      By phone: 1-844-575-5123, option 1 (for the service organization)

      By email :