With the majority of employees living in close proximity to three Quebec cities (Joliette, Saint-Jérôme and Quebec City), the social club and internal committees have become a necessity in order to rally together for common events and for internal and social involvement.

what are the activities?

Barbecues on sunny summer Fridays, winter pizza lunches to warm up the troops, sugar shack activities in the spring to sweeten the beaks, party A holiday party to thank colleagues, an impromptu group motorcycle ride for fun, a big summer event for families: there is no shortage of social activities at Buildingexpert!


We have several committees that allow our employees to get involved in the cultural and social life ofBuildingexpert. Here are some of them: the green committee, the health and safety committee, the francization committee, and of course, the social club. Not only do they allow all employees to benefit from a better quality of life at work; the committees also offer its members the opportunity to obtain rewards outside of the daily tasks of the job, in addition to generating a very real impact on the internal work life.

Members of the Social Club (2022) proudly posed with their new clothes on the boss’ Jeep.

history and role of the social club

Initially an impromptu committee, the social club, now composed of elected members, has taken shape organically over the past few years. The team is made up of the most friendly and motivated employees who together form a force (so far) unmatched in the field of “fun” planning.

Archive images of social life at Buildingexpert.

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