DGC and residential warranties for new buildings

The Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR) is a Canadian non-profit organization that offers a mandatory warranty for new residential construction in Quebec. Its mission is to protect the public who do business with a contractor for the construction of a new home.

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What is a residential new construction warranty (RCW)?

The GCR warranty covers construction defects that may occur after the work has been completed. It also protects the buyer in the event that the contractor fails to meet its contractual obligations. Please note that the GCR warranty is only valid for contractors accredited by the organization.

Itemscovered by this warranty :

– Apparent manufacturing defects

Covered for the first year after acceptance of the building.

– Construction defects

Covered for the first two years after acceptance of the building.

– Hidden defects

Covered for the first three years after acceptance of the building.

– Major defects

Covered for the first five years after acceptance of the building.

Why should I sign a GCR warranty agreement for new construction?

It is important to make this agreement when planning a new build for several reasons:

– Financial protection

In the event of a defect or construction fault, the purchaser is financially protected, as repair costs are covered by the warranty.

– Quality assurance

A GCR-accredited contractor has demonstrated a certain competence and reliability, which can reassure the buyer about the quality of the construction.

– Conflict resolution

In the event of a dispute between buyer and contractor, GCR offers a conciliation and arbitration service.

– Protection in the event of contractor bankruptcy

If the contractor goes bankrupt or fails to complete the work, the GCR warranty covers construction completion within the limits set out in the warranty contract.

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